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… And it’s what everybody is talking about, that is correct, Live Porn Shows and it seems that it has become the absolute new trend in adult entertainment, iPhone first knew that this was going to happen, and whoever has followed me in my blog posts not only here but also on the dozens of other blogs where I write, you’ll notice that in the past I suggested that the owners and the administrators of the website that has this amazing new product going to start advertising on the Internet and letting the name being known. They preferred not to and said that they would become extremely popular without the advertising and they were 100% right, when the web started to talk about it and everybody decided to take a quick peek, one peaks two peeks and the whole web takes a peek and no everybody tries it out, that’s how it became the new trend in porn today.

cherrypimps 2

So after only a month and a half when I first introduced on my blogs this Pornstars shows network it has almost tripled its memberships and because of this it is higher than extra 50 new porn stars them to the already close to 1000 adult industry models that star in all the live porn movies that they roll out every single day on to off their major websites that I have linked in this blog post for you to click on at your convenience.

It’s not just us talking about it, like I said it’s the whole Internet and when I say the whole of the Internet I also mean that there are major players in the adult industry that are talking about it, I have seen it on many media websites and it’s a matter of fact that they are talking about Live Pornstars, cherrypimps on Xbiz.com that happens to be along with AVN the leading adult industry news and media website that there is.

Reality Porn Stars make some live sex shows… real sex!

Porn is real, yes it is simply because they’re all porn stars that keep you motivated, and the reason that I say that is I know for a fact that every single man at least every other time that he searches for porn on the Internet will type in his favorite porn stars name in order to see if she has made any new porn videos, if there are any more releases on her behalf all the studio that promotes her. Now, reality porn has taken another band, it has taken another road, and it’s going to the top because a network called CherryPimps.com Pornstars has chosen 500 of the very best women that have sex on video for cash and has brought them to a life situation, that means instead of you having to wait for an update and seeing a release of their video, you don’t have to waste time and you can actually see it when it happens as it is happening, you can watch it going down, in other words life, a life porn video of your favorite porn star.

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It’s not a Top Rated Porn tube some porn paysite, that we actually talk a lot about and have in the past on this blog and many others, something totally different, you can pay-as-you-go less than two dollars per show, per porn star making a live sex video or you can pay monthly in that way you’ll pay a lot less per day, but keep in mind that every single day there is a different porn star having live sex, and when I say live sex I don’t mean that she is using a dildo on herself, no she is making porn but the only difference is it is life, I edited it is happening right in front of your eyes thousands of porn lovers that have signed up as well to that specific website.

I have not requested free access, as I don’t want members to think that I am maybe giving this website an excellent review simply because they giving me freebies, in that case I always pay to enter, and that’s what I did in this case as well I paid my $1.99 and entered and yesterday I watched Ava Devine having sex with a couple of different guys and the show lasted around two hours, and I am talking about two hours of nonstop porn.

And the very best thing about pornstars is the fact that you know what you’re going to get, I myself I’m not a huge fan of Ava Devine, but she has over 250,000 Twitter followers, so I’m guessing she is loved by a lot of pornies LOL, however I do know what she does and what she is capable of I have seen many offer videos, and that’s exactly what I soar on her life WebCam sex show yesterday, she was even better live and edited that as she she is on video, it was a totally different experience and the Boner is guaranteed 100% from start to end.

Needless to say I recommend this website, and I have linked it in some of the paragraphs above as you can see and the links a safe they have no referral codes therefore it is a direct link to that specific website… Enjoy!

Pool Boy Bangs Hot MILF

Jose loves his job as a pool guy. It’s easy, and so few people bother him while he’s working.

But every time he goes over to Julie’s house to take care of her pool… She always tries to get her attention!

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This time she showed up naked… And Jose wasn’t going to pass up on some MILF slut with some huge boobies who likes to suck cock!

You never turn down free blow jobs!

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Turns out this MILF slut was no stranger to taking cock from behind!

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Cock Up The Ass

Leah Love knew she was in trouble the moment she waked in the door. She had been out shopping, and she knows how much that pisses him off. And when he gets that look in his eyes, there’s only one way to clam him down… And that’s by taking a cock up the poop shoot!

She doesn’t mind taking a cock up the ass – most women don’t after the first dozen times – and she knows exactly how much it pleases him!

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She was used to being an anal slut… But this ass fucking hurt!

Rita Loves Doggie Style

Rita needed a place to stay for the night – just a quick place to crash. She wasn’t looking to get laid or anything. But Mike was so damn good looking…

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She just couldn’t pass up!

This perky little slut took his cock in her mouth and went to town on him, sucking him off just like a good little whore!

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She knew she was going to owe him for a place to crash for the night, and sucking him off was a good start!

Taking his cock from behind also seemed like a good way to thank him too!

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Fucking In The VIP Room

Luna and Vicki always wanted to know what it would be like to roll with the VIP crew, so when Luna got an invite they were both all over it…

The got all dressed up and loved the limo ride…

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But once in the VIP room they discovered it was a huge whore house with chicks running around naked…

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And when Luna found a hard cock to fuck… She was already half naked and fully drunk, so she couldn’t wait to ride that cock!

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Fucking The Producer

Elli was pretty fucking serious about making it big in Hollywood. She always thought that all of the big celebrities slept around on their way up to the top, and she no moral issues about this at all.

When Eric asked to see her bra and then started to fondle her ass during the audition, she didn’t even flinch. She had been to enough of these to know this was how it works.

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And she knew she was going to have to suck cock too. But just for a moment while sitting in his chair she felt like a god, like she was in charge… Even though she was blowing his cock!

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Eventually she made him so hard that she was begging to be fucked – she loved fucking men with huge hard cocks!

They ended up fucking right up on his desk!

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Fucking The Hairy Snatch!

Freddie thought he had seen it all, but he wasn’t ready for what Sylvia had to offer… When she told she had a big surprise for him he was interested but also worried….

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But Sylvia knew enough how to suck cock, and that was a huge turn on for him… But he was still waiting for the big surprise!

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When she finally took off her panties and showed him he pussy… He was surprised to see she had a hairy pussy!

That’s not something you see every day!

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But there was no way he going to pass up on fucking her hairy snatch!

Fucking On Camera In Hollywood

Jessica thought she had found the real deal… She had met Eric at a club, and she spent most of the night drinking his booze and sucking on his face. She called him the next day and told her he worked for a big time studio; He was a Hollywood producer. He could make her famous. She decided to give it a try.

She had to admit she was impressed when she pulled up to his house and saw his cars in the driveway…. Jessica quickly signed off some paperwork and then they started making out…

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Before she knew it, she was naked and on her knees with his cock in her mouth! She loved sucking cock anyhow, so why not… Besides, this time it might just pay off!

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But she was getting into sucking him of so much that it was such a huge turn on, and she forgot why she was there – she just wanted to fuck him, ride his cock until she got off

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What she didn’t know is that she was fucking on camera, and that paperwork she just signed off on… was a release saying he owned the video of them fucking!

Welcome to Hollywood!

Fucking His Boss

His boss send him home early Friday afternoon, but when she called him from her home in a panic about a huge project they were working on he quickly ran over to her house!

When she opened the door he was stunned… She was wearing a sexy dress with huge titties hanging out!

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Turns out she didn’t want to talk business! She just wanted to rub his cock against her huge boobies… And that was all!

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His boss with the big tits wanted to fuck! Hard!

The project they were working on… Could wait until Monday! Right now she just wanted to fuck like a slut!

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